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SURTEX Prep: How to prepare for a tradeshow

Surtex Prep: postcard_2_front

Just 2 months to go until my debut at SURTEX. Eeeek. I feel like I have a mountain of stuff to get done in such a short time. I have spent most of last year and up to last month creating new art and collections to exhibit at the show. I still feel like I could have done more or better because as an artists I’m constantly evolving and my art is improving with each new collection. I also ended up editing my collections and taking out some pieces that weren’t as strong as others.

Now it comes down to logistics and business stuff. S0 far, I have ordered my promo postcards that I will send out this weekend, hopefully. I got a list of names and addresses of the attendees from Surtex planner.

I’m almost done with my promo/ press kit catalogue that I will upload onto It includes a few collections, some product mock-ups, and some information about myself and my process. I’m debating if I should print it out as well and create print press kits to hand out at the tradeshow.

Some of the things I still have to do are:

  1. Order mock-up products to display at the booth. Helps clients imagine how the art will look on products.
  2. Mock-up my booth design. It should be cohesive with similar color pallette and theme.
  3. Design the layout and start on the Blurb portfolio.
  4. Update my site with a private password gallery for clients to see all  of my art available. this will take longer that it sounds. 
  5. Order Vinyl Banners for the booth display. This will be done once I figure out the booth design/ theme. Also, gotta contact Surtex to find out the exact dimensions of the panels as the did mention that sometimes they differ slightly.

Well, that should keep me busy for the next month. I’ll try to post for updates as I go along.

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