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Hi guys, long time no time. I know, I’ve been totally MIA. It’s been too long but a lot has happened and I feel bad I haven’t been more up to date. So bare with me as I unload everything all at once. Well, I’ll try to be gentle.

tablet computer

First off, I’m officially a teacher. Settle down kids, not that kind. I won’t be dealing with minors – I think. I mean I’m a SKillshare teacher. Unloading my knowledge on design, graphic art, illustration, and other stuff here and there. It’s something that I’ve been toying around with. And every time I get those emails form Skillshare promoting their new teacher incentive – I first get excited and secondly dumbfounded. Who am I to teach? What the hell do I know? Three are plenty of better qualified people out there. And so on….. Self-doubt cripples me and I do nothing until the next email promo comes along. So what prompted me to finally act? The end of the year I suppose. Looking back, I’ve done a lot, but not nearly enough as I wanted to or dreamed and hoped to. So as always I vow to do more, be more in the next year. With the December being Skillshare’s last new teacher incentive, it was now or never. So I jumped all in.

I figured out what to teach -  Ipad Illustration for artists on the go. I figured out the project: create a digital floral illustration. But turns out, I knew nothing about how to actually film it. It seems so easy when browsing all the youtubers who are literally half if not third my age. It can’t be that hard, right? Well it’s not, after you spend a whole weekend and some nights learning the very basics of Quicktime and iMovie. Sleepless nights….no biggie.  So yea, it took a lil longer than I thought it would to create class. I also learned I am not good at improv on camera. Argh- camera shy maybe.

Anyway, I finally finished the class and published it just in time of the deadline  (like the day of). But I made it and I was proud. I didn’t do much promotion…other than the shameless self-promo on Facebook and Instagram. I wasn’t expecting much for my class. But I guess I must have done something right… a month later and I have over 400 students – people I don’t even know. The reviews are awesome and so healrtfelt. Well, needless to say – I’m hooked.

So now I’m currently working on my next class – How to create Abstract Patterns from Everyday Textures. Will publish the class next week so stay tuned.

And if you are a Skillshare member, check out my first class and be sure to follow me so you will be the first to know when my next class goes live.

Thanks all

And happy arting.

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