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MATS Week 5: Gift Market

So sad to say that this is the last week of MATS (sniff-sniff). It was been a fun, challenging, and exciting few weeks and I don’t want to say good bye just yet :( but at least we got to go out with a bang. This last week is all about the hyper Lush trend. HYPER LUSH…think over blown florals, kaleidoscope copied images, and just an explosion of graphics for your eye candy pleasure.

Our assignment ¬†for MATS Week 5: Gift Market¬†was to create a hyper lush design out of some of the things we collect and mock it up on a zipper pouch, because it’s for the gift market.

I don’t really collect alot of randomness, unlike my mother. I wanted my design to be a little vintage inspired, like old ephemera collections, so when a friend told me there’s a graphic studio moving and they’re getting rid of design books, I rushed over there. They didn’t have much left but what I did find were some old Dover stock book of florals and another vintage book.


My design started with a drawing I did of a girl a lil while back, I scanned some florals and copy from the two books I got, photo manipulated a photo of spring flowers a friend took, and of course added my mother’s pearl necklace.



I love how it turned out. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was never very good at collages, but after this class, I think I finally got a hang of it. Yay, feeling accomplished.


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