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MATS Week 4: Wall Art

Week 4 of Make Art That Sells with Lilla Rogers and the focus market is Wall Art. This week the theme is pretty open, but the focus is on the technique which is collage. This is again way out of my comfort zone, as in I’ve done a collage maybe 3 times in my whole life and I wasn’t that good at it.

A few things we were encouraged to include were florals, lines, lots of texture, and inspiring words or a motivational quote.

Here’s my sketch of the basic idea. I really wish I could have done some traditional media, but it was pretty busy week and I didn’t have much time.

My biggest mistake for this assignment was that I drew way too small, as always. And the art size had to be large. :( If I had more time, I would have done things differently, I guess next time.

sketch collage



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