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Jeff Koons at Whitney Museum

Museum outing at midnight? Yes, please.

Last weekend I attended an awesome exhibit at the Whitney with friends. This art show was especially exquisite because not only was it exhibiting the iconic Jeff Koons at Whitney museum, but the museum decided to stay open for the last 36 hours of the exhibit.

Jeff Koons in all his glory.


The Jeff Koons exhibit wasn’t just a measly room or floor, it literally took over the whole museum, covering 4 floors and decades of Koon’s masterpieces.

When we got there, we followed a large line that led us straight to him. Koons was present and available for book signing. Unfortunately we came too ate and were not able to get a signing.

Cuteness Overload


Jeff Koons is probably mostly known fro his inflatable animals that play on the innocence and the hard materials of choice to contract them. That contradiction is as poetic as it is adorable.

Don’t Touch.


Ok, so I had to, very gently of course. Look at this giant lobster, it looks so soft and inflatable but the description said it was aluminum. It boggles the mind so I had to see it f0r myself. Yup, it’s hard as a rock.

Jeff Koons is psychic? 


One of the things discussed during the exhibit was this porcelain sculpture of Michael Jackson based on a photo for a magazine he did at the time of Thriller. Koons believed that moment was a peak of Jackson’s career and it will ultimately cause his demise. Koons chose to paint him white, although Michael did not yet have all those surgeries and skin lightening treatments at that time. Weird, right?

Well, I had a great time and truly hope more museums will follow suit and hold late night showings. It was tons of fun and a great date night idea.


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