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Creative hibernation during holiday season

Starting from Halloween to New Years, it’s a time of chaos. All the eating and shopping and family drama dealing…who has time to be creatively productive? Add to that all the last minute work projects at my 9-5, I hardly have time to look at the time. So, that’s the reasoning behind me being MIA for 2 months.

I was hoping to find time to finally get around some of my older sketches in the works…looks like the will have to wait until next year. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a look. These are some of my doodles I’m hoping to get around to real soon.

I try to stay productive and creative while hibernating during the holidays. it’s very hard and some days I literally do nothing but stay in bed with a mug of hot tea binge watching tv shows. But whenever I get an itch to be creative, I try to take advantage of it and whip out my sketchbook. Even if it’s just one idea or one sketch, little by little, it all adds up.

cats mushrooms ornaments2

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