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Hi guys, long time no time. I know, I’ve been totally MIA. It’s been too long but a lot has happened and I feel bad I haven’t been more up to date. So bare with me as I unload everything all at once. Well, I’ll try to be gentle. First off, I’m officially a teacher. [...]

Hello all, There is still time to cast your votes for “Earthday” wrapping paper design contest hosted by Wrappily, the eco-friendly, double-sided designer wrapping paper company. Below are my two entries, if you like them, let it be known and vote for them to win!!! Thanks so  much Fresca Flora Night Pods

April 15-17, Pier 94 hosted it’s annual Art Expo, exhibiting over 800 artists either with representing galleries or individuals. It is one the best art events to attend to discover new talent and emerging artist. This is my 3rd year attending the exhibit. I went on the last day at 2pm and spent 3 hours [...]

Exciting news. Exactly a month ago, I opened a new etsy store specifically showcasing stationery designs for weddings, religious ceremonies, birthdays, baby announcements, and other special events. The idea has been brewing in my mind for some time now. I’ve spent years working for other people and companies making stationary. In addition, tons of my friends [...]

Quick announcement. I entered a few designs into the annual Pillow Fight contest held by OhDeer! The contest is held until November where the most popular and best selling design win and get licensed with ohDeer! It will an awesome opportunity so please help out.

Check out my recap of my SURTEX 2015 tradeshow debut. I share all my afterthoughts about preparing and exhibiting as a new designer and include tips and lessons.