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Surtex Prep: postcard_2_front

Just 2 months to go until my debut at SURTEX. Eeeek. I feel like I have a mountain of stuff to get done in such a short time. I have spent most of last year and up to last month creating new art and collections to exhibit at the show. I still feel like I could have done more or better because as an artists I’m constantly evolving and my art is improving with each new collection. I also ended up editing my collections and taking out some pieces that weren’t as strong as others.

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Museum outing at midnight? Yes, please.

Last weekend I attended an awesome exhibit at the Whitney with friends. This art show was especially exquisite because not only was it exhibiting the iconic Jeff Koons at Whitney museum, but the museum decided to stay open for the last 36 hours of the exhibit.

Jeff Koons in all his glory.


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I’m very excited to be recruited to be part of the Artists Around the World Blog Hop by the lovely Adrienne Vita. You can view her beautiful work here and her own contribution to the Bl0g Hop here.

The point of the Blog Hop is to introduce new artists and get inside their process and inspiration. Here’s mine:

Why do I create what I do?
I’ve always been creative, from a very young age. Doodling, sketching, painting, I loved it all. I really get into a flow and get lost in creating a different world.


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As I explained in my previous post, I’ve been quiet the busy bee this summer. My goal for the summer and the rest of year is to enter 4 art contests a month. I have a few sites I check regularly that I’ll discuss in a later post. Not only does it keep me busy and hopeful for some recognitions and prize money, but even if I don’t win I get to have a new addition to my growing portfolio. So as I see it, it’s a win-win.




This piece above is my design entry for L.lavone, a fabulous new brand specializing in equestrian scarves. How fun is that? My design focused on the motion of a horse as it runs/ gallops and adorned with other iconic horse graphics.

I didn’t even realize how long it has been. My last entry was just in late may. WHAT?!? How could I have been so neglectful. I’m sowwiee. In my defense…I have been very busy creating new art. Entering a bunch of art contests, and in short gearing up for a major event. Am I forgiven yet? Are you curious what the event is? Well, roll that drum set…………SURTEX.


SURTEX as in the biggest baddest most influential art licensing expo in the world. Bwaha-ha-ha. An I’ll be in it, as in exhibiting, as in meeting with huge company buyers, fro the first time…omg…let me catch my breath. I can hardly believe it myself. I’m super excited and super scared to death. Did I just shoot myself in the foot? Am I even ready? A bunch of questions run through my mind and I don’t have all the answers. So what made me take the leap?

This past May I walked my first Surtex. I got to meet some amazing artists, even some that I’ve been admiring fro a while like Elizabeth Olwen and her gorgeous floral patterns, Victoria Johnson with her adorable creatures, Two if by Sea Studio and their fresh pattern, and many more. I also got to meet and greet many of my classmates from MATS: the ladies from Happy Happy Collective some of who exhibited for the first time – Lauren Minco exhibited by herself, the ladies from Cultivate Collective, and many other MATSies who walked the show like me.

Overall it was a great eexperienceand seeing so many of my classmates exhibiting for their first time gave me the courage to try it too. So I applied and got accepted. Now, I’ve been spending most of my summer creating art and expanding my portfolio. Wish me luck.

So sad to say that this is the last week of MATS (sniff-sniff). It was been a fun, challenging, and exciting few weeks and I don’t want to say good bye just yet :( but at least we got to go out with a bang. This last week is all about the hyper Lush trend. HYPER LUSH…think over blown florals, kaleidoscope copied images, and just an explosion of graphics for your eye candy pleasure.

Our assignment  for MATS Week 5: Gift Market was to create a hyper lush design out of some of the things we collect and mock it up on a zipper pouch, because it’s for the gift market.

I don’t really collect alot of randomness, unlike my mother. I wanted my design to be a little vintage inspired, like old ephemera collections, so when a friend told me there’s a graphic studio moving and they’re getting rid of design books, I rushed over there. They didn’t have much left but what I did find were some old Dover stock book of florals and another vintage book.


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